The Final Countdown

Hi everyone, so today I will be informing you MORE about my 20% project. The first thing I will talk about is What has been the most rewarding part of my project so far. The most rewarding thing so far is buying the supplies for the project. The reason I chose this for my project is because seeing kids try new things and getting better makes me very happy. The second thing I will talk about is What the final details I have left to wrap up my project in the next couple of weeks. The final details I have left for the end of my project are my ted talk and the pictures I will take of me teaching the patients art. The third thing I will talk about is What my thoughts are on the GMS Takes Action Speeches, also, what my plans are for getting this together. My thoughts on the GMS take action speeches are that this will help me get the word out of what I am doing for my project.

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OH MY GOSH! I have to do a whole entire 5 minute speech and I only 24 hours to do the whole thing. Oh, sorry I didn’t see you there. I am Emalia Hendrickson making another 20% project blog. I’m going to stay calm and start out with what I have accomplished, and what my feelings are on these accomplishments. The things I have accomplished are getting more materials and getting ready to go to the hospital in a couple days. The second thing I will talk about is what I still have to accomplish. So far the only thing I have to accomplish is going to the hospital. A third thing I will talk about is if I had the ability to go back and change something what would I change. The thing I would want to change is how well I did my video for my 20% project. I would change this by making my posture better and not looking everywhere so I could focus. The thing I am happy about on my video is that I did not stutter of randomly stop. If you had to do this project what would you want to do? Who would you want to work with? And finally why did you chose that idea for the project? If you think there are some art tools that I will need please comment and I will comment back describing how that tool helped me.

Are you still Interested?

Hi all of my little peeps, today I am doing another update on my 20% project. First I will talk about what I have accomplished this week. What I have accomplished this week was my elevator pitch speech. The elevator pitch is a video we have to make acting like we just met someone who can make our project happen. So far I have been feeling like I now do not really want to do it but I still have to. My plans that I plan to accomplish next is my actual video and meeting with my mentor again.

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Time to update!!!

Hi everyone, today I am going to update you  on my 20% project.

 So far I have accomplished my elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is where you make a speech or video of you acting like your talking to someone who is able to make your whole project happen.

Next week I am going to try to finish my final elevator pitch video.

So far I have been feeling like this project is boring now but will soon be super fun.

I am very excited about this project, so please keep coming to my blog to see all of my blogs about the 20% project. THANKYOU

A 3rd 20% project blog

This is the 3rd blog about the 20% project that I have done. First I will talk about what I have finished this week. So far I have finished the timeline and I am working on my elevator pitch video. So far I have been feeling like this project is very hard but I will be able to push through it. I have not met with my mentor yet but if I don’t hear back from them soon I am going to switch to a different hospital. My goal to achieve by next Friday are to find out about whether or whether not I should work with that hospital. I will keep everyone updated on my 20% project but for now, BYE!

Another 20% project blog

First I will start with what I have accomplished this week. The first thing I accomplished was thinking of a timeline. So far I’ve been feeling like this project is putting 100 pounds on my shoulders. The problems I have run into were thinking of the timeline. I have already fixed that problem. Here is my timeline:

1/27: Work on elevator pitch
2/10: Maybe switch to a different hospital 
2/24: Call that hospital
3/10: Buy supplies
3/24: Find what kids I am teaching.
4/7: Meet the kids at the hospital
4/21: First day of going to the hospital
5/5: Finish editing my video of the kids.
5/19: Publish the video and show it to the teachers and classmates

My 20% Project Blog

Hi everyone, in this blog I am going to talk about my 20% project. So far I have completed what I was going to do and who to do it with. What I am working on now is my E-mail to my mentor. what I  plan to do next is to tell my speach about it. The problems I have run into this week are worrying that they might say no and I will have to retry all over again also I had to chose what hospital I wanted to go to. I fixed these problems by 1. getting more confident and 2. picking a children’s hospital that is near me. Thank you

Things about Traveling

Have you ever traveled to a heroic place that caught your eye and you wanted to travel to more places?  I would love to travel to the Great Barrier Reef. This place has many coral reefs and LOTS of fish. You can see from underwater, boat, and air. They have many diving and snorkeling spots. I would like to see all the different species of fish there and the animals.   Great Barrier Reef website.

Another place to visit is Paris. Paris has many sights to see, like the Eiffel Tower. That is a very wowing scene and it has many cool cafes to see your shows and drink your coffee.  Paris also has many people and has the Eiffel Tower that is 984 feet tall.  Someday I want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, even though it is very tall.  I am afraid of heights.  I would want to see what Paris looks like from up above.  I bet it would be very pretty.  Eiffel Tower website.

One very famous site-seeing place is the Grand Canyon.  It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. There are things to do like trails that you can ride on donkeys.  I would do that because I love animals.  There are places to stay that you can go there one day and go back to the Grand Canyon the next.  I would want to stay for about a week, even though it might cost a lot.  You can also go whitewater rafting.  I have never done this, but I would do it because it would be new and I think it would be fun to do.  Grand Canyon website.

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Free Choice Blog

In this blog we are aloud to write about anything we want so I chose to talk about fun crafts. The first fun craft is oobleck. Most people know how to make it but just in case it’s made of water and corn starch. If you want to you can mix in food coloring to make it a different color. If your thinking of doing this mix it very well unless you want streaks in it but if you play with it when it’s not well mixed it will get on your hands. Now you’ve made your oobleck I warn you it’s very messy.

The second idea is lots of bubbles. Start by cutting the bottom of a plastic water bottle off then put a rag or a piece of cloth over it. Next rubber band(or tape) the cloth to the bottom of the bottle, dip in soapy water, take the cap off and blow.                                                                                                   purple bubblesWilheln Fyles via Compfight

The 3rd craft is a seek and find game. First get a empty plastic water bottle and fill it up with rice, sand, salt, dirt, oobleck, liquid soap, or anything you want but don’t pack it  tight. Put little things in it like beads, tiny toys, marbles, buttons, or all of them. Screw the cap back on the bottle then shake it around until the things inside are mixed up. There now you have your seek and find game. If you want more blogs please comment on my blogging page. THANK YOU.Find "Mother Hen" Find "Bad Apple" Find "Train Wreck" Ross Pollack via Compfight