Community Time!

Hi everyone, in this blog I am going to talk about community things. First I will talk about the pros and cons about being in a community. The pros of being in a community are there are  many people to communicate with or to play with. Another pro is that you’ll have some people trying to keep your community clean and neat. Some cons could be that in every group there will always be someone not so nice. That means there might be a couple of people who are grumpy. I am not a part of any community groups but I think I am going to start a dog walking service. I will make this happen by putting up signs around the town.

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There are many responsibilities in a community. Like keeping it clean and giving it respect. You’ll be able to find communities by going online and looking up “Things to do in…” and at the dot dot dot part put your town. Communities include boy scouts, girl scouts, community cleaning, and a lot more. The value of being in a community is very important. You do so many things to help others. here is a sight about things to help…Help The Community

Commenting thoughts

What I like about commenting is that you get to express what you think  without people actually knowing who you are. Whats annoying about commenting is that some people don’t put good quality comments and I don’t like it when people are like” i luv cats 2 whas ur fave cat?” see don’t you think that’s annoying? I have found interesting blogs to comment on by going to class blogs then going to a kids blog and if I like it i’ll comment on it. My blogs have not gotten any comments I think this is because I forgot to put “please visit my blog at” at the end of every comment. Here are some quality comment starters…

  • Wow, I can relate to this by…
  • This blog makes me think of…
  • If I were you I would add…
  • This blog is confusing me because…

Those are my thoughts on commenting.

Flipboard magazine

The first blog was Nicolasis.  His blog is exciting and it can teach you a couple of things about surfing.  This now makes me want to try surfing, so it is also inspiring.

The next blog was Kaan.  Her blog was about gaming and she said near the end, you shouldn’t get addicted to gaming.  I used to be addicted to gaming, but I’m not so much any more.  Once I played Minecraft for three hours straight, so I can totally relate.

The final blog was McDowell’s.  It was about two friends who lose each other in a tsunami.  You get to comment on how the story ends.  I like this story because if you comment how the story ends, you can make up the ending and make it as crazy as you want!

My comments

I commented on Brainy bloggers of 5L.  The title was 5 images. It was about a stick man trying to open a present.  When he did try to open it, it blew him back, so he took out a saw to try to open it.  I was funny and I could tell what was happening without it having words.

Then I went to Ellie’s.  It said “I love dogs,” but did not use words.  It used pictures of an eye, a heart, and a picture of a dog.  I like it because it was obvious about what it was saying.

On Indre’s blog, it was about a unicorn who finds anther unicorn. They fall in love and live happily ever after together.  This was my favorite because it was related to unicorns.



My Country

My country has many different cool  features like it was the 4th largest country in the world and 3rd in population. The U.S is also home to the grand canyon Arizona and mammoth cave that is located in Kentucky which are 2 major national sights. The official language is English. America was founded on July 04, 1776. The U.S has 50 states but Hawaii and Alaska are not connected to the U.S. Some parts of my country can be very green and warm in the summer but in the winter it can get very cold and white. The flag of our country has 50 stars on it to represent the 50 states, the colors are redwhiteand blue.  A website to more intresting facts about america: America Fun Facts.

There are 58 national parks in the U.S. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and my sister has gone to Mammoth Cave. Someday I hope to go to all the national parks. Have you been to any national parks? The President of the United States is Donald.J.Trump.  We know the US has lots of birds like the Bald Eagle, Falcons, Hawks and Cardinals.

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WOW!!! What a change

Going from elementary to middle school is a HUGE change “believe me I know”. Also if you count the fact that I went to a lower level school  to a 5 star school so now EVERYTHING is a LOT harder. My elementary was very fun though, we had posters on the walls, fun activities in each class, nice teachers, and a lot of other good things. Was your elementary school fun or boring? When you get to middle school it’s a HUGE slap in the face saying ” WAKE UP”! Although it sounds bad it “can” be fun(depending on what teachers you have). In elementary you have things like cubbies and in middle school you have lockers, in elementary you might not get that much homework but now you have homework every day! Sometimes I wish I could go back to elementary and have lot of fun.

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Some people might like middle school more than elementary or the other way around. Personally I think elementary is more fun.  In elementary you have a lot more exciting work, and the crafts are a lot better.  In elementary they use a lot of positive reinforcement. For example, during K-prep the kindergarten class makes gifts for the older kids.  The gifts are not big, but they are thoughtful. Last year the kids gave us a pack smarties with a note that said “Your are one Smartie”. Here is a website that has ideas bout how to make studying fun: Test Prep. Also Here is a website that has locker decorations: Locker Decor.

Let’s Change Something In The World!!!

Some things need to be changed so my idea is to talk about seat belts on buses. I say seat belts on buses because if a bus with kids or people on it gets into a wreak, many people might get hurt, and with seat belts, less people will get hurt. There might be some buses with seat belts on them or for handicap people already, but I say they should be in every seat on all buses. Some people might say this is crazy, but what if your kid got hurt without a seat belt on. My part to do is try to put signs/posters around bus stops, and talk to bus drivers about the situation. That is my blog on changing something important to me.